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We're not a jewelry blog,
but we would very much like to help you start one...

Welcome to Jewelry Blogs. In these couple paragraphs, we'll give you a quick overview of what you need to get started on your very own jewelry blog -- whether or not it's to promote your own party plan jewelry business, or just because you like to talk about jewelry, that's all fine by us. Whatever your motives are, I'm sure they're worth it!

Step 1: Getting a Domain Name

That first step is never free, but that's something you'll have to deal with. Why? Because a free host will later on limit you in your freedom. You'll want to ad some advertising, you'll want to use a dedicated e-mail address, you'll want to change blog software maybe... Your domain will be part of your blog's value -- don't give it out of your hands.

We suggest a domain/hosting package from Lunarpages or Nagru.

Step 2: Getting Wordpress

I could beat around the bush here, and explain how there's loads of blogging platforms available for you to choose from, but honestly -- there's only one. Wordpress is all you need for your jewelry blog. Get it over at, and use its hassle-free one minute installation to get it set up.

Once it's running -- head over to the wordpress site to find themes, plugins, etc... We recommend using one of the themes Wordpress has on its own repository, as these are all 100% safe to work with.

Step 3: The Jewelry Part

Yes, now we're on to the good stuff -- talking jewelry. Well, there's a couple things I'd like to show you:

  1. Use photos. Can you see the difference between this post, and this post about Le Vian's Chocolate Diamonds? The way you use photos makes a great difference in the page content, I guarantee it!
  2. Talk about yourself, your own experience, and your opinion. Blogs have to be opinionating, that's fine! I know a lot of people that start a weblog and quickly start copying news from press releases, etc... Don't go there, or at least not 100%! Understand that your readers want to know what you think, feel -- and whether you like the jewelry you're talking about. Get a great sales pitch about Titanium Jewelry? Fine! But if you don't like it -- add that, and add your opinion to the sales pitch, how great it might be!
  3. Exchange links! Here's some blogs you can start contacting (use the comments, bloggers like that!) to ask for link exchanges -- these are all good, steady blogs with good, steady traffic:

You really should be on your way now. Start blogging, and keep us posted on your progress!